Bed Bug up close and personal

Bed Bug up close and personal

Since the year 2000 beg bugs are back on the rise, these little blood suckers are parasites that attach themselves to skin and begin sucking the blood right out of the body with out notice. Even though a few can not do much damage unless allergies are involved they can be a nuisance. Beg Bugs are tiny cockroach looking insects that live in warm climates and attach themselves to any animal big or small, they are so tiny they are hard to see by the human eye. They are most active at night but are not exclusivity nocturnal and they can hide in your bed mattress or couch cushions hidden in the fabric pores. Bed Bug bites can cause skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms and an infestation in a mattress is enough to cause itchiness and welts on the body.

Bed bugs have shown a huge rise lately because of poor human living and directly related to poor cleaning habits or animals tracking them inside from the outdoors. Pets left outdoors for long periods of time are the usually gateway culprits bringing them into the house each time they are let in. Apartment renters must be careful of their neighbors, if the neighbors have terrible cleaning habits then bed bugs have a direct line of sight through the walls between rooms.

If a major infestation occurs there are a few ways to get rid of them depending on the bulk. A major infestation that is in all of your furniture, carpets, and total home will probably need to be tented, to kill bed bugs most companies use poison and extreme heat, up to 120 degrees for a few days irradiating them into death and submission.

For medium infestations there are a few poisons and sprays that can be purchased from a local hardware store, for mattresses and couch infestations we suggest taking the mattress and couches outside in direct sunlight, spraying the cushions and mattresses down and leaving it outside for a few hours and using the sunlight to heat it all up. While the mattress and couches are outside spray the poison in the infected areas of the home and then 15 minutes later use a high powered vacuum and clean the area. The more powerful the vacuum the better. Shop vacs that are 5 horse power and up are perfect for this job.

The best way to keep Bed Bugs away is prevention, there are many ways to make sure bed bugs to not attack your home. Bed Bugs love the Bed, Couches, and Pet beds clean them regularly and change bed sheets every week or 2. Use throw blankets on couches so that it adds an extra barrier of fabric. Use fabric type Lysol and cleaners, Frebreeze has an active ingredient that makes your area smell nice but also bed bugs hate. And on your cushions and mattresses once every few months use a high powered vacuum and press down firmly on the vacuum suck end into the mattress or cushions. This will suck out the bed bugs as well as extra dust that is inside. Mattress pads also act as and active barrier and can be taken off and washed easily.