The Seranta brand brings quality, affordability, and style, this is their motto and dedication to the industry. Serenta uses high quality fabrics of all types including Polyester, Cotton, Acrylic, and more. All of the styles are based of the current Pantone colors of that season or year and a the styles are mostly considered modern for the few Traditional popular styles that most people love.

The Serenta brand really does bring affordability to all of their customers with hundreds of new styles, colors and fashions coming out every quarter. The main products they develop is bed spreads and bedding sets. All of them made to be durable and last over years to come.

The Polyester fabrics used is a special type that gets softer and softer every time it is washed. All of the Serenta brand products are made for the normal person or family and do not need any special handling or care. All of the products can be machine washed and dried at the convenience of a home or laundry mat instead of special dry cleaning.

Serenta Lavender Fog Damask Bed Spread

Serenta Champagne Quilted Satin Bed Spread

Serenta Marisol 7 Piece Bed Spread Set

Serenta English Garden 7 Piece Bed Spread Set

Serenta Melody 7 Piece Bed Spread Set

The company is located in the United States in Ontario, California. The staff there have over 15 years of textile experience and are dedicated to bringing the best bedding styles to the World.

You can pick up Serenta products at Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, or online at Amazon, Wayfair, Zulily, Houzz, and more.