Really Tall Cat Condo

Really Tall Cat Condo

If you have a cat that seems lethargic, overly aggressive, or has other attitude problems a good part of that could be because of the the space he or she has to work with. Indoor cats usually have more problems with acclimating to a home that shares no space or height. A happy kitty must feel free, and that also means free to go anywhere they want, when they want. There are a few key focuses to making your cat a more calm and happy individual.

1) Space – Cats Love lots of space to roam around and explore, if a home is crowded then a cat feels trapped. Cats love to run free and play with toys that have no regular pattern anything from a tiny toy mouse, to a golf ball sized wiffle ball. But they can not feel like a hunter if there is no space to move.

2) Freedom – Some people will leave doors shut or not allow their cat in certain areas, in the grand scheme of things if you are the cat owner and you are able to go into a room, the cat will want to follow or want to go there as well. Cats are very observant animals and very curious about their owner/pet partner, allowing them to roam with no barriers is a huge plus. Owners that try to force them into only one room usually have problems with the cat scratching up carpet to get out, even if the cat really doesn’t want out it is the availability that disturbs them.

– NOTE: De-clawing a kitty cat that scratches up a carpet because of this scenario is really not fixing the problem.

3) Height!!! – Cats love to observe, watch, explore and adding areas where a cat can get vertical is an absolute must, they want to be able to oversee a whole area from a far. A cat condo that is tall is a very easy and fun way to show a cat love. There are also padded shelves developed specifically for cat play but this is an absolute great way to get your cat more loving and affectionate if they have specific attitude problems that are related to their natural habitat ways.

A cat condo can be cheap or expensive and will really depend on the budget available they go as low as $19.99 at the local Target shopping center or can go up as far as $599.99 for the large carpet padded ones with all of the bells and whistles. Most people will try to pawn off an un-trained cat to someone else or go extreme as taking away their claws but a happy kitty is a loving kitty and a little care and time can go a long way.