The new BOON three piece throw blanket and throw pillow shells sets make home decor easy again on your couch and bed.

The three piece set comes with one standard sized throw blanket and two throw pillow shells. Each throw is made up of acrylic and is made for easy decor and use. Unlike most decorative throws, these throws are extremely soft and comfortable, and with the knitted design very breathable. The throw pillow covers are made of polyester and very soft to the touch and will cover any standard square throw pillow. These pillow shells make it easy to protect a throw pillow or to upgrade an old worn and torn one.

Seven new styles have been introduced into the 2016 bedding blanket market and a few of them coming in different color variations. The seven new styles are; Brooke, Checker, Delia, Marisol, Neapoli, Super 18, and Tivoli. Since each piece is color coordinated to each other they call this new style way "EZ Matching" whcih will be the new definition of these sets.

Each one has their own style and texture for easy accent color matching and a set that will feel overly comfortable to any owner or guest.

Brooke Cable Throw & Pillow Shell 3 Piece Set:

This set is knitted and comes in three unique colors of Limpet Shell, Iced Coffee, and Snorkel Blue. The pattern is and alternating square striped pattern that alternates the direction this the edges and fully vertical mini-striped across all sides. The texture patter is traditional while the bright colors used upgrade this style to a modern look that goes great with sea or earth tones.

Checker Cable Throw & Pillow Shell 3 Piece Combo Set:

A traditional style throw with heavy textured checker patters across the whole throw blanket that show a 3D effect across the whole meat of the throw. The edges are thick striped and have the same alternate stitch patter that allows each square and rectangle parts to pop in and out. Another traditional style with upgraded colors that put it in the Modern style of design. Comes in three colors of Lilac Gray, Peach Eco, and Flash Green. 

Delia Knitted Throw & Matching Pillow Shell Combo 3 Piece Set:

A bright succulent burnt orange artistic design pattern with a very light blue accent tinted border all on an off white background with two matching burnt orange Throw pillow shell covers. This throw blanket can be used as a tapestry as well with the overall peaceful patterns that are surrounded in color. A very mellow and bold design will pop out on any couch or bedspread.  

Marisol Knitted Throw & Matching Pillow Shell Combo 3 Piece Set

A great Charcoal and light grey contrasted throw with structured plantation through out the main body and a geometric spiral around the borders. The two pillow covers match the light grey accents on the borders. This Throw set is great for a black and white modern style room or home and will match well with tone down colors. 

Neapoli Knitted Throw & Matching Pillow Shell Combo 3 Piece Set:

Beautiful bright aqua blues with spades running down the body area and surrounded in a plant vine border. This particular throw set fits in the the Pantone colors of the year and will brighten almost any spot in a living space or bedroom. This combination set is a solid choice for people who enjoy softness and quality, all in one. 

Super 18 Cable Throw & Pillow Shell 3 Piece Combo Set

The Super 18 Throw sets comes in three colors of Rose Quartz, Fiesta, and Butter cup. An older traditional style with figure 8 patterns come down in stripes but with a twist this throw has rising texture through out each swirl and pattern. Another traditional style pattern with upgraded bright brilliant modern colors to bring a room together. 

Tivoli Knitted Throw & Matching Pillow Shell Combo 3 Piece Set

The Tivoli throw is one of the most complicated patterns out of the new throw sets, but this unique designs brings together blues, taupe, on a white background and drops of texture all across the top. A brilliant design pattern for a modern age. 

You can find these new throw sets can be found across the internet as well as your local stores. Some of the top Online store you can find these products at are Amazon, Houzz, Wayfair, and Home Soft Things.