Did you know washing your sheets has actual health benefits and can prevent skin problems? A clean home can reduce stress levels, it will also increase energy, productivity, as well as your overall health. Your bed sheets are no exceptions to this and should be taken care of properly. Plus did you know 65% of a bedroom smell can be traced directly to the bed, so next time you walk into a bedroom and you smell a stuffy funk it is most likely coming from the bed.

Did you know that bed sheets can hold large amounts of body oil, micro pests, and even mold if not taken care of correctly? The longer you have dirty sheets on a bed the more saturation can reach your bed mattress that is much harder to clean. Dead skin cells build up ultimately into particles and will smolder into odors along with the rest of the items collecting into your bed sheets. Many of these items can cause skin rashes, acne, and in worse cases many breathing problems.

The best care for sheets is to wash them at least once every 2 weeks. That is assuming you are showering every day before bed, never go to bed right after a shower because your body might be still damp and this will only add more fuel to a bacteria fire that is your sleeping spot. Wash as directed but if your sheets are able to wash in hot or warm water, always select the higher temperatures as this will kill off and wash more effectively. Change your pillows every yearly quarter, unless they are washable as well then you should wash them at least once every month to 2 months.

Keeping clean sheets are important to your body health situation. It can be an embarrassing predicament if guests are a tune to your bed situation, and can make it harder for you to sleep in that kind of environment.