Queen Natural Leopard Faux Fur Blanket

Queen Natural Leopard Faux Fur Blanket

Queen-Blanket-GiraffeThe BNF Home Inc. Animal Faux Fur blanket is not only the ultimate in Faux Fur bed blankets but has a Sherpa back lining that will keep you ultimately warm during any cold night. The beautiful elegant Faux fur on top is short haired about 1 inch tall and super soft, laying on it would feel like laying on a real super soft cozy animal. Feeling on skin is like a cloud of heaven and will make anyone immediately relaxed and refreshed.

The back of the blanket is a Sherpa Fabric much like sheep’s wool but made of 100% microfiber plush polyester and is great insulation of body heat. On the coldest night imaginable within 5 to 10 minutes wrapped in this blanket will raise body temperatures to a very toasty warm.

Comes in multiple exotic Animal Fur prints such as Leopard, Zeebra, Snow Leopard, Paisley, Coral, Crazy Cow, Giraffe (the favorite), tiger, cheetah, and more. Blanket only come in queen but can also be used as a very heavy throw blanket or a bed spread for twin and full bed sizes.

Queen-Blanket-AmphoraThe over all design is heavy plush but with exact durable stitching and can be machine washed in cold water with no problems, limited or practically zero fur shed. After a wash you can even develop a style you can leave the fur wild and exotic or use a steam or regular iron on low heat setting and brush the Faux Fur in any direction desired.

You can find the BNF Home Inc. brand Blanket on Amazon or eBay and usually goe for between $89.99 to $59.99 if you can find it lower than that, then its a steal deal. You can also find BNF Home Inc. Faux Fur products at your local retailers.