Faux Fur is great to add texture to a home. BNF Home has come up with a beautiful faux fur blanket that has a super soft fur on the top that feels silky smooth and shines with each fur follicle and on the back is an extra fluffy warm Sherpa side.

Each faux Fur blanket is made to have limited shedding, and if used for home decor will give you that extra texture accent that has been missing from the foot of a bed, or the back side of a couch.

These Faux Fur are also meant to keep the body super warm as the Sherpa retains the body heat and distributes it back in full force. After a few minuted you will feel the cozy warmth flow back to your skin.

  • Standard 50 inches by 60 inches Throw Blanket
  • High Quality soft thin cut Faux Fur
  • Ultra soft and fluffy Sherpa side
  • Limited Shedding
  • Available at Amazon (Click Here)
  • Available at Home Soft Things (Click Here)