Dog Electronic Pet Door

Dog Electronic Pet Door

You might of seen something similar in movies but the awesome electronic pet door is a must have for home owners. This one from uses a microchip inside of the collar that opens and closes the pet doors as the animal approaches and leaves the area. This great gadget not only keeps your home safe and secure from intruders built gives a cool looking gadget for other people to gawk at.

The Electronic pet door comes in multiple sizes and can accommodate multiple pets. There is even a pet door for glass that gives a more decorative look but is more aesthetically pleasing. Great for all dog, cats, rabbits, and very well trained ferrets the electronic pet door is the perfect pet home companion.

Another reason an electronic pet door way is superior to most is with the ability to close on its own and lock down this will keep other unwanted animals and insects out. A basic flap will allow rodents in the home as well as insect creatures liek the cockroach.

Here is one of the descriptions for the passport pet door:

Glass Electronic Pet Door

Glass Electronic Pet Door

The Petsafe Passport Pet Access Smart System TM

Controls pet access with a Passport Key–actually an RFID chip–worn on your pets collar. Only pets with programmed Passport Keys are allowed to enter or exit your home. Other strays, rodents and other pests are locked out. Likewise, your ‘inside cat’ is kept in out of harms way. One Passport Key is included with the pet door.

Programming of the Passport Key is accomplished with an led screen and 5 button navigation. Or you may connect your PC using the included USB cable.  Up to 20 pets may be controlled by this pet door.

A wireless connection allows for a connection to your home network. You’ll be able to change the Passport programming remotely–including while you are away from home–using any smart device. Software updates will be managed using your PC with USB conntection or by wireless connection. A Passport Wireless Card, sold separately,  is required for this functionality.

The control choices are the most varied we’ve seen. You can set 4-way locking, selective entry and exit by pet, and access by time of day for each pet. All of this will be included in the remote programming option.

Pet Tracking shows you both your pet’s current location as well as the last 4 times that specific pet used the pet door.

The patented multi-point locking system overlaps the flap and frame on both sides for a superior seal as well as 100 lb push resistance against intruders.  This may be the best-locking electronic pet door we’ve seen.

Power for the pet door is provided by a low voltage power adapter with 6′ cord that plugs into your wall receptacle.  If home power is not available near your installation location, you may use an optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery unit which installs in the frame of the pet door. “