Faux Fur print throw blankets are a popular collection for Home Decor, there are two separations of design types. The first type is the Animal print that has been graphically enhanced that is more cartoon like and bold. The second type is a natural looking Faux Fur that looks like real animal fur and is hard to distinguish from real fur. Both have their own place in the word of decorating and it all depends on the person’s style to select, mix or match.

Bold or Graphic Print Faux Fur is great at accenting and artistic style homes. Many people enjoy this type of print for a younger crowd whether it been child, teen, or the young at heart. It can be great at accenting a modern style room as well and can give flare to bright colors with out being to tacky. Too much of a fake animal print can be over exposure unless that is the motif of the room or living space itself.

A more natural Faux Fur design is traditional and classic this style of design for throw blankets will fit with most decor as long as the color match is sound. Basic blank, white, or grey will add just enough flavor to a chair or couch that is noticeable while bringing up the over aesthetically pleasing value to the eye. Many people can no experience a real fur look without the destruction of live animals.

Some of the most popular of Faux Fur throws and blankets have always been closer to the cat family. Probably the most sought out prints have been Cheetah, Leopard, and Tiger.

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