Knitted tweed throws has always been a traditional and classical blanket that most relate to and older style home. Many people still feel that anything knitted comes from grandma or someone with a more conservative thinking. But now you can acquire the same texture with booming bright colors that will fit into any home, Traditional or Modern.

The new tweed throw by BNF Home / Boon brands are made of high quality microfiber that get softer and fluffier after every wash. The size is the standard fifty inches by sixty inches with a two inch fringe. The texture is a bubbly knitted oval repeating pattern that is soft to the touch and textures for any living style fashion.  Easy to care for and completely fun for any room.

The biggest news about this brand throw is the colors that are being produced. Here are just a few of the colors that people can enjoy; Burnt Orange, Silver Blue, Jojoba Yellow, Green Eyes, Amphora, Chili Pepper, Strawberry ice, and more. Perfect for accenting and wowing guests!

The tweed throw is the best home decor item that can be placed on the foot of a bed, placed on the back of a couch or thrown over a lounge chair that can be used, over and over again to keep warm and decorating purposes.

Look for it at Home Soft Things, Amazon, Zulily, Wayfair, and other retailers carrying the BNF Home and BOON Brands.