Pet Soft Things is a high end Brand of pet beds, each one is developed with the same materials as human beds with one step further, each pet bed comes apart and individual pillows that can be used for travel sized bed and easy wash. Pet Soft Things have also lined most of their pet beds with water proofing materials so that will not allow bed wetting cat or puppy to wet your floor.

Pet Soft Things combines a super soft dog/cat bed and integrates a Home Decor style fashion that can either pop out with colors or can meld in with an already established style. Each be is made of high quality polyesters and acrylics that will not only last a life time but will keep all of your pets cozy warm.

You can find Pet Soft Things in many small business retailers or on Amazon, Wayfair, Houzz, Sears, and more.

Pet Soft Things Lynx Faux Fur Pet Bed

Pet Soft Things Corduroy Pet Bed

Pet Soft Things Super Soft Pet Bed

Pet Soft Things Dog Head Pet Bed

Pet Soft Things Quilted Pet Bed

Pet Soft Things is located in Ontario, California. They have been in business since 2013 and have a love of textiles and pets. The team and Pet Soft Things has had over 15 years experience with textile goods and developing Bedding and throw products. Pet Soft Things is a sister partner with the BOON and Serenta Brands