Blue Knitted Fluffy throw Blanket

Blue Knitted Fluffy throw Blanket

Warming up has never been so soft and cozy. The Fluffy Knitted woven throw blanket is an original design with a classic look. Each one is extremely soft and fuzzy and feels like a cloud surrounding the body.  Very light weight and is only about 2 pounds the fluffy throw blanket and be transported easily and fast.

Older people and kids love this blanket for the feel and warmth. And most middle age adults use this blanket as a home decor item. The delicate look and feel can accent a bed or lay across the back of a couch for added eye candy. Down the width of the fluffy throw is a classic tie and braid frays and knots which is great for draping. Also comes in the standard throw blanket size, 50 inches by 60 inches.

The Fluffy Throw blankets come in six exciting colors; Amphora Brown, Harbor Grey, Burnt Orange, Antique White, Mimosa, and String.

You can find the fluffy throw blanket at your local retailer, amazon, and ebay. Developed by BNF Home Inc. and produced with the highest quality fabrics and quality.

The market price for this brilliant original blanket is between 29.99 to 48.99.