Coyote Throw Blanket

Coyote Throw Blanket

If you are into nature but not into destroying nature a perfect neutral but beautiful color blanket is Coyote.  There is no real name brand for this product but you can find it in most of the retail stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, and Amazon.

Coyote colored throw blankets are soft, and elegant. The grey allows anyone to match thier home decor very easily because of the bland base grey colors. But it goes really well with earthy nature tones or as an accent to bright colors such as red, purple, and violets.

Examine this throw blanket before you purchase there are many manufacturers who make the same item, the quality must be checked.

  • First feel the Faux fur and even tug on it a little, if fur ends up in your hand it is lesser quality
  • Check the stitching along the sides, check to see if it looks strong and again tug on it a little to make sure it is not going to fall apart.
  • How soft is the fur, there is a huge difference between good Faux Fur and Bad Faux Fur. Bad Faux fur will be coarse which means it was massed produced cheap.
  • Check the back side, some are double sided but most are one sided with a backing, check the backing to see how it feels as well. Unless you are only using it for home decor, always check to see if the backing will be comfortable.
  • Check the cleaning instructions, if you are planning only to clean it yourself you need to know what you are getting into, cheap Faux Fur products usually do not allow for cleaning at all. Better ones will ask for steam cleaning or machine wash.

A good Coyote Faux Fur is a perfect addition to most homes and can give any couch or be a face lift. A decent price for a coyote Faux Fur Blanket will start around $29.95 and up all the way to $69.99 for a standard size 50 inch by 60 inch throw. Bigger is usually better but this will give you a good standard of how much you should spend on one.