Now from BOON, is the new line of high-end throw blankets at affordable pricing. These new throws are developed with a new technology that not only gives and overwhelming softness to the skin but is durable and will last a lifetime with proper care.

Not for just decoration these throws insulate body heat through the Microfiber fabrics and add a cozy comfort that will make the body feel as if it is floating in the air. 

The new styles go with almost any home decor with an upgraded look. The texture that can accent any couch, chair, or foot of a bed to be the luxurious feeling needed for that "wow" factor. 

Here are a few of the new products by BOON. 

BOON Super Soft Kasaya Faux Fur Throw

BOON Naomi Micro Flannel Throw 

BOON Faux Fur Throw with Sherpa Backing

BOON Carteret Micro Flannel Throw

BOON Hennessy Micro Flannel Throw

Super Mink Faux Fur Throw